Tom Stone, the founder and owner of Beyond Wood Products, LLC™, was introduced to woodturning by his father. To merely satisfy his own need for a shop pencil,Tom started turning pens.  After years of experimenting with wood and creating things for the home, friends and family, Tom began to take on new challenges.

After experiencing how worthless wood pieces can be rescued through stabilization, Tom started a relationship with a North Pacific mill, where off-cuts, odds, and ends, as well as highly spalted pieces that virtually unusable because the wood is too fragile, were sent to be up-cycled. This is how Beyond Wood Products™ was born.

Since we first started we have developed new and perfected old, well established processes to guarantee our customer’s results. All wood and natural material used in our product first goes through a stabilization process we have developed since 2012. This includes selecting the pieces that will best fit the needs of the designated use of the finished block. 

Our process for ShokWood™ pieces (wood/resin combination) includes 12 touches per piece - not including inspecting and labeling. We use the highest quality material and are continually trying new additives and colorings to add new effects and ensure our product leaves our shop as perfect as possible.


In all of our urethane resin pieces, whether ShokWood™, ShokRes™ (all resin), or Ali-COMB™, we pressure cast to 80 psi to minimize air bubbles and aid in a firm bond.



At BWP™, we take innovation seriously. We work with the manufacturers of our supplies to drive innovation and address the desires of the market.  Whether it is saturated, deep pearl color, glow in the dark, or color changing, we have been working to develop a color lineup like no one else in the industry.



No gimmicks, no bull.  We take what we do seriously enough to be dedicated to just these few things.  Today, we partner with a number of knife makers and wood turners who test our new product, show results to their customers, gage interested from their market, and provide feedback on the quality of the new process or colors. 

We guarantee each piece we sell against defect with full replacement. Satisfaction guaranteed.



BWP – Our Material Makes Your Project!™