I have been making pens for a few years and have experimented with many different materials ordering from multiple companies. In all the pens I've turned out, by far Beyond Wood Products™ materials were superior in quality. I love working with BWP™ and their “spin” on pen blank material, their wood/resin hybrid blanks are truly one of a kind material."

— David Minelli, Wood Regrown 4 U (Chicago, IL, USA)

"I wanted to push my business to the next level by offering better looking pens with outstanding quality for a reasonable price. Something other than the cookie cutter blanks sold by most, larger catalog stores online.

After talking with Tom Stone and learning about Beyond Wood Products™ and seeing some of the results others and he himself have turned, I was impressed and decided to try some of the product. When talking with Tom, we talked about what colors I was interested in, what sort of media I was looking for and my desire for an end result. I was shown not samples, but the actual product that I was buying. When the blanks came in the mail, I was so stunned and impressed with not only the color but the blend of the two media’s. Each blank I have turned have been flawless in my book and bring me top dollar in return.

— SFC Gary Woody, Woody’s Pen Werks (Winfield, KS, USA)


"Tom at BWP™ is extremely easy to work with, on collaborative projects he gives input and lets me do my thing. Working with him on material is just as easy, I give him my vision and we discuss any challenges he sees, then he makes it happen. The material grinds like butter and takes a great polish, easily the best of the best."

— Joey Cordova, Joe Loui Knives (Bernalillo, NM, USA)


"I feel very lucky to have found Tom and Beyond Wood Products™. I searched for material to differentiate my calls from the onslaught of new call makers since the popularity of the Duck Dynasty TV show. BWP™ material has grown my customer base further than I have ever dreamed. The recognition I receive from people over the calls I make, is in direct correlation to the beautiful blanks Tom creates for me. I think we found each other at the perfect time and I couldn't be happier with the opportunity to continue to work with Beyond Wood Products™."

— Rob Baker, Salt Spray Game Calls (Berlin, MD, USA)


"BWP™ does what I was trying to do for myself but never managed to get as high a quality. There are others that make similar material but I prefer working with Tom because his customer service is great, and when I require a custom color, his ability is top notch."

— Julio Diez, The 710 Custom Sheaths (Tracy, CA, USA)


"I found BWP™ on Instagram and my interest was immediately peaked! Just like BWP™, I also pride myself in offering a very unique and high quality product that allows for a degree of customization. I knew almost immediately that teaming up with BWP™ would open a whole new world of opportunities to me and will take my ability to customize my products to a new level. Dealing with Tom, was nothing but a pleasure and an honor. I expected a certain level of service, and I am glad to say that my expectations were exceeded and I have received nothing but positive feedback from my customers."

— Valery Harsonsky, The Gentlemen’s Den (Toronto, ON, Canada)


"BWP™'s stuff is by far my favorite. It works like butter. Holds up awesome. Take a polish like no other. I like that the possibilities are endless and that Tom is not afraid to climb on the creativity train. One of my favorite things about using BWP™ pieces are the colors. They are always super vivid. The color mixing and depth is so outrageous. Some guy's colors are real cut and dry. BWP™'s swirl and climb into every nook and cranny of the inclusion blocks. When I use BWP™ scales, I don't even use bolsters because I don't want anything to take away from the handles. Tom is by far the easiest to work with too. He stands behind his work and he has never sold me something that won't work. And I respect that."

— Tyler Freund, Freund’s Custom Knives (Ironton, MO, USA)


"The quality is effortless. Easiest handle material to use: no blowouts like other woods. The best stuff I have created has had BWP™ on it. Options are endless. Put time in, work through the grits, and it will polish like glass. It's great that someone is putting as much thought as me into their products."

— Jonathan Porter, DogHouse Forge (Lakeland, FL, USA)